How to fill a funeral or cremation ash urn?

Temporary urns for cremation ashesThe filling of a funeral urn is considered to be a ritual by many people. It is the last step of the funeral where the relatives bring their deceased loved one’s to the final resting place. The filling of an urn requires a certain degree of accuracy. You are free to choose whether you want to fill the urn yourself or have it done by, for example:

Your funeral director or funeral attendant
Cremated remains usually come from the funeral home contained in a thick polyethylene bag that is inside a sturdy cardboard tube or plastic temporary urn (ash container). The temporary urn will be labeled for proper identification, holds a refractory cremation stone and – depending on the country - accompanied by a certificate of cremation that is required to remain with the ashes. You can consult with your funeral director at any time whether it is possible that they do this. This is often associated with costs.

The crematorium
You can contact your crematorium to discuss whether they want to fill the urn. Again, there are usually costs involved.

Fill the cremation urn yourself
It is fairly easy to fill the urn yourself or have it filled by a family member. With the ordered urn you will receive a filling manual which shows how the urn should be filled. In the following link you will find instructions on how to fill your cremation urn and jewelry.

Depending on the type of urn, you can indicate at the crematorium whether you want to receive the ashes in an ash container or an ash bag. Bear in mind that the refractory cremation stone is delivered within the ashes from the crematorium. You can choose a separate destination for this. Also, not every filling opening of each urn is large enough to place the stone in it. By clicking on the following link you will come to a page where you can find a number of storage boxes for cremation stones.

Check the urn for damage before filling and / or sealing it. If you’d have plans to reopen the urn in the future and the urn has a lid that needs to be glued, we recommend using silicone sealant. In this way the lid of the urn can be cut loose quite easily with a sharp knife.

Filling procedure
Make sure that you fill the urn on a sufficiently large sheet of paper and a flat surface so that the excess ash can easily be kept and swept together. Use, for example, a flat brush. In our range we offer urns with screw cap, click lid and cover plate that can be glued. Especially if you place the urn outside, we advise you to glue or seal it to avoid moisture problems or weather interference. For inside you can use a transparent silicone sealant. For outdoor use we recommend transparent Poly Max kit from the brand BISON.

We cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the filling and sealing of the jewel or the urn. If you have questions about filling or gluing, please contact us or a local jeweler or funeral director so that we or they can advise you.